Tarkeeb -e- Advia (Composition of drugs)

Unani By Dr. Shabistan Fatma Taiyabi

            Tarkeeb -e- Advia (Composition of drugs)

Every drug, either single or compound is made up of various constituents that are responsible for the properties of drugs. The process of amalgamation of the basic component of a drug is known as Tarkeeb -e- Advia (Composition of drugs). There are two basic types of Tarkeeb -e- Advia. 

  1. Natural composition (Tarkeeb -e- Tabayi): All naturally occurring substances of the universe has their unique composition, temperament, and properties. If a substance either of animal, plant or geological origin has its drug potential present naturally is called a drug with natural composition, all such drugs are called Advia mufrida (single drugs). All the naturally occurring animal, plant, or geological drugs are its examples.
  2. Artificial composition (Tarkeeb -e- -Sana’yi): All drugs that are artificially manufactured are called drugs with Artificial composition (Tarkeeb -e- -Sana’yi). These drugs are developed by modifying the physical or chemical properties of naturally occurring substances. The drugs developed by Tarkeeb -e- -Sana’yi is called compound drugs. itrifilal, aqras, jawarishat, halwajaath, hareerajaath, haboob, qurs, capsule, khameerajaath, joshanda, khaisanda, sheerajaath, sharbat, sharab, sikanjabeen, gulqand, arqiyath, lavooqath, murabbajaath, etc are its example. 

 Active Constituent (Joher faal): constituent, those are responsible for dominant action are called Joher faal. for example, Morphine is the active constituent in opium, when it is used for its sedative action. 


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