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Be with yoga - be at home

 We are in a new normal. The new normal has different demands. Slowly and steadily making us to go back to our own resources. Everything that is thought to be the saviour is becoming a poison and threatening life. The sand beneath seems to be slippery. Where do we go...

Well known Four-Yogas

Interpretation of Swami Vivekananda's famous quotation from Four-Yogas point of view.  ‘Each soul is potentially divine. The goal is to...

What is Sutra?

अल्पाक्षरमसन्दिग्धं सारवद्विश्वतोमुखम् ।alpākṣaramasandigdhaṁ sāravadviśvatomukham  |अस्तोभमनवद्यं च सूत्रं सूत्रविदोविदुः॥astobhamanavadyaṁ ca sūtraṁ sūtravidoviduḥ || 1) अल्पाक्षरम्   alpākṣaram : concise ( giving a lot of...

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