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We are in a new normal. The new normal has different demands. Slowly and steadily making us to go back to our own resources. Everything that is thought to be the saviour is becoming a poison and threatening life. The sand beneath seems to be slippery. Where do we go and what do we do? As nicely extolled by the philosophers, the only limitation to human beings as against other entities in the universe is ‘consciousness’. The choice to be happy doesn’t come from externalities but our connection with the external circumstances. However, the sensations created by our interactions with external world is received by the body and starts reacting according these sensations. Yoga calls it ‘raga’(attachment) and ‘dwesha’ (aversion). This sense of discrimination is both a limitation and liberation. The one who realises this and will become aware and does not react; where as the one who owns the sensations and start reacting accordingly gets entangled in the everlasting cycles of ‘attachment’ and ‘aversion’.      

Is there a simple way an ordinary person can pursue happiness without getting caught in this trap? Should one need to become YOGI inorder to practice this? That is, should one renounce the world? Or, take regular yoga training, meditation courses from these gurus? 

Yes. There is a simple solution to this situation. Be with yoga – be at home, is the mantra given by Ministry of AYUSH for this conundrum. Start practicing CYP (the simple set of asanas, pranayama and relaxation) using virtual platforms available for free, for everyone. Initially, one can starts seeing physical benefits such as increased joints flexibility, better stamina and strength, reduces stress, and ability to make healthier life choices and so on. This gaining control over body, breath and mind will pave way to the higher dimensions of Yoga; all by being at home with Yoga. NIN and all the staff wish readers a very fruitful International Day of Yoga’2021 with an appeal to all Yoga and Naturopathy enthusiasts to drive this message far and wide for a healthy and harmonious world.   


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