Mental Health Series - Chapter One - Are you of sound Mentally Health?


A Healthy Mind lead to a Healthy Body! – Sivananda Yoga

Mental health is one of the least addressed problems in todays times. Scores of modern day illness's are psychosomatic in nature; coupled with bad lifestyle & eating habits. 

Our modern day lifestyle is high on stress & hustle, low on compassion & understanding. We have become self centered individuals with a very short threshold for adjustments. Any imbalance either in our professional or personal life leads to mental unhappiness that if not address can graduate to a more serious condition that can be life threatening. 

Suicide is a psychosomatic issue. just like any illness it develops gradually & if addressed in its nascent stages can save lives. 

In the next blog we will talk about how to be more receptive to changes that can disrupt mental health.   

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