Scrofoloso 1 (S1) Electrohomeopathy Remedy

Post By Sourav kumar

S1 is also called lymphatic and metabolic remedy. Action of S1 starts from first stage of metabolism that is from the bigning of production of lymph. According to EH most of diseases appeared due to disturbance of metabolism , which will produce impurities in lymph and finally in blood. That is will cause diseases. This remedy cures more than 90% of diseases as it is act on first stage of metabolism. That is why it is also called universal remedy . it is best remedy for disorders of upper gastrointestinal track specially of stomach . it is used as an anti drug addiction specially for alcoholism as well as for addiction of tea ,coffee, tobacco ,chewing and smoking. It is used in first dilution with RE or WE in massive dosage. Is is the first remedy which is invented by Dr Mattei . its major property is anti scrofula .

It act as anti emetic ,anti diarrhea, diuretic, digestive, nervine and metabolic remedy.

It is used in different dilutions that is positive, neutral and higher dilutions based on nature of disease which can be acute ,sub acute and chronic in nature and doses depend upon the state of disease and selection of dilution and patient immunity. 




















































































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