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Return To Nature

As part of 4 th Naturopathy day commitment we, naturopaths are going
to people with the aim of making them self-health reliant, month wise
campaigns through our clinics hospitals and institutions. For the
month of December’2021 we are engaging people to establish a link
with Nature. Although we are part of the Nature, knowingly or
unknowingly, we try to subjugate it and wherever possible dominate it
or destroy it. Giving Nature a chance, regulating the daily life, and
reinstating faith and confidence in the physical, mental and spiritual
forces restore man to his natural birth right of good health and
happiness. The Covid-19 pandemic taught us a lesson to understand
Nature and go with it, and negotiate inorder to keep us alive.
‘Return to Nature!, The True Natural Method of Healing and Living
and the True Salvation of the Soul, Paradise Regained’, is a book
written by Adolph Just(1896), who practised nature cure in
Philadelphia, in his nature cure sanatorium, Jung-born. Highly
influenced by this work Mahatma Gandhi, adopted many ideas from
this book and implemented in his ashram.
For example, let us take the matter of Vitamine D. It is easily, freely,
naturally available and can be of immensely helpful in granting health
benefits. But why most of the populations are Vit D deficient?! we
have come a long way, away from nature, since the time we started
living within four walls. We do not expose to Sun. In fact, we spend
money by way of sunscreen lotions, chemical preparations to prevent
Nature to work on our bodies!! Over and above that, most of the body
is covered with several layers of cloth. Apart from these, the seasonal
changes, time variations(morning, afternoon and evening), duration,
type of skin, age, sex, are all going to impact the Sun exposure to be
converted to Vit-D. The morning and evening sunlight may not be
sufficient to synthesise Vit-D, which further triggers cholesterol and
calcium metabolism in the body; other melatonin related hormonal

activities to get initiated. Not just skin but the entire system gets
energized with simple Sun exposure. But, we are not aware of it. This
needs to be addressed urgently by sensitizing people the need to
simply, ‘return to nature’ to be healthy. There are so many other
things in Nature. Let us explore and experience the benefits.
Emphasize the virtues of ‘nature cures’.
All nature cure doctors must regard it as their ideal aim to develop the
people to the point where each will be her/his own physician. It is of
course always easier and pleasanter to let others think for us, or
perhaps not think for us. But if people wish to pursue a course that
will certainly lead them to true health, to the springs of life, each must
be her/his own doctor.

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