Elimination is the key to Detox

Naturopathy By Director NIN


Detoxification, or short word as ‘detox’, is the recent buzz word in most of the wellness centres and urban health & yoga studios. It is a procedure or set of procedures known to be cleaning the system by actively removing the toxins from the body. Although human system is provided with such inbuilt mechanisms to keep the internal system clean by systematically throwing the unwanted matter out, we still carry most of it in our tissues and organs owing to increased toxic load by way of air pollution, contaminated food and water.   

Our liver is considered to be the chemical processor (lab) and does most of the cleaning regulatory mechanism by being active round the clock. This happens silently inside the body, and which we may not be aware of as it cannot be perceived though our senses. There are other eliminative organs that we can easily recognize as organs of elimination; for example large intestines, kidneys, lungs and skin. All these four are to be active in order to keep the internal body clean. Imagine the plight if any one of them get impaired. 

It is said that the present civilization has given the comforts of modern life with an incentive:constipation. With constipation comes the combo pack of many other issues. What’s happening to all the food that is taken in breakfast, lunch and dinner; if not excreted? Can it not be a breeding ground for all the pathogenic organisms?

There is a popular quote that ‘the height of civilization is directly proportional to the bladder holding capacity’. Due to various reasons modern life puts you to ‘hold urine’ for longer than it is supposed to. This tendency to hold more often results in holding toxins that are to be thrown out. No wonder why more and more people are suffering with urinary infections and chronic kidney diseases. 

Similarly, comfortable living with less scope for physical exertion leaves us with shallow breathing, resulting in impaired breathing. This vitiates the gaseous exchange mechanics and leaving us with no option but to put up with the chain reaction of impaired breathing. All the respiratory disorders are a result of this condition. And, ‘praana’ in the body gets dull making metabolic sluggishness. 

A comfortable luxurious life never lets you sweat. Too much of conditioned air and adjusted humidity results in lack of perspiration and lazy skin. The contents needed to be eliminated from the body through skin remain lying in the subcutaneous tissue. 

All the above examples are indicative of a step-by-step impairment in the elimination processes in the body due to our own making. Going against the principles of nature is the entry point for the dis-ease. Later, its manifestation needs experts’ treatment and expensive drugs and dependence on others. This can simply be reversed by ‘returning to Nature’. Following nature’s laws makes us healthy and self-reliant. As part of the yearlong campaign on nurturing vitality, let the naturopathy enthusiasts take this month’s message to people that ‘elimination is key to detox the body’. 



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