Umoore Ṭabiya (Essential factors for life)

Umoore Ṭabiya (Essential factors for life)Kulliyat Umoore Ṭabiya is a fundamental subject that provides the basis for the study of Unani medicine as it deals with the governing principles of this medicine. The name Umoore Ṭabiya is made up of two words Umoore and Ṭabiya. The word umoore is plural...

आहार चिकित्सा (Dietotherapy)

यूनानी चिकित्सा पद्धति में उपचार के चार बुनियादी तरीके हैं। य़े हैं -इलज बिल तदबीर (रेजिमिनल थेरेपी)आहार चिकित्सा (Dietotherapy) इलाज बिल...

Master Healer of AYUSH of Modern Era

Table 1. (Biography of Master Healer)NamePeriod Birth PlaceArea of ContributionTitle /AwardFounder                           Maharishi Mahesh Yogi MadhyaPradeshYoga and MeditationMaharishiMaharishi University of ManagementVaidya Brihaspati Dev Triguna 1920...

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