Why Second Wave?

Naturopathy By Director NIN


Now the country is under the grip of Covid pandemic again. The only difference is; this time it is even more virulent, severe and youngsters are also getting equally affected. Is it not prudent to introspect why this is happening? 

It appeared that we have challenged the virus, initially, with our lockdowns, Covid-appropriate measures, immunity boosting AYUSH drugs, immunity improving lifestyle modifications etc.  The numbers of new cases came down substantially by February’21, only to surge in March’21; taking us back to March’20. Are we heading for a nation-wide lockdown for some time followed by relaxation, and then the spread catches up….again lockdown?....a cyclical marathon?

Luckily the advances in science could reveal many secrets of the virus, which was not the case with Spanish flu of 1919 and millions died during that pandemic. Almost after a century we are facing the same situation and this time we all are aware that the virus is lifeless; it is we who, by contacting it, will give life to it! Contact is the foremost important point. Trace, Test, Treat are the dictums of Covid management; but still we failed miserably. Unfortunately the first one, tracing, is completely given a go-by. And we have settled for testing and treating. The prevention, most easy and effective too, is completely neglected. Mask, hand hygiene and physical distancing have been the most simple, implementable, safe, and absolutely scientific methods of stopping the virus taking roots in our bodies. Why couldn’t we do? 

Our tamsikly rajsik attitude hoodwinked our vision and put all our bets on vaccination. The population being so big and diverse, getting the much needed herd immunity by vaccination seems to be a long drawn dream. Over and above that, the mutant variants of Covid virus are throwing another challenge: it seems people adjust their behaviour to take more risks as and when they perceive that a situation or threat became safer. Known as the Peltzman effect, it may be bad news for the pandemic, as people get vaccinated, their first thoughts would be: to be able do anything and everything they like. So they go to hotels, food joints, malls, cinema theatres, or travel, despite the fact that much is still unknown about how new variants of the corona virus might change the course of the pandemic, or even whether a vaccinated person can still transmit the virus.

There are only two mantras to defeat Corona virus’ spread:

  1. Step out, only when absolutely necessary, wearing a three-layered (surgical) mask properly.
  2. While being outside, never remove the mask till you reach home. 








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