Unani By Dr. Shabistan Fatma Taiyabi


The treatise entitled Risala-e-Judiya was authored by Ibn Sina (980 – June 1037 CE), on the subject of medicine. He dedicated this book to Sultan Mohammad Gajnawi. The original language of this book is Persian but is translated into several other languages. One copy of the Persian version is in the library of Syed Mohammad Mishquat in Tehran, Iran. Urdu copy is at Government Tibbi College, Patna, And AKTC, Aligarh, India. This treatise is also known as Risala-e-Mahmoodiya as it was written for Sultan Mohammad Gajnavi. The Risala-e-Judiya was translated IN URDU BY Hakim. Mohammad Idris Mozahri in 1970. This was published by Aala Press, Delhi, India in 1971. This translated book contains 52 pages of A-8 size. Another Urdu translation is done by CCRUM, New Delhi in the year 1984. This edition contains 168 pages. 

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