Ministry of Ayush and Ministry of Commerce and Industry Decide to Set up an Ayush Export Promotion Council

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The Ministry of Ayush and Ministry of Commerce and Industry decided to work together to set up an Export Promotion Council to amplify Ayush exports. This decision came into the picture after a joint review of Shri Shripad Naik, Minister of Ayush and Ayush trade and Industry by Shri Piyush Goyal, Minister of Commerce and Industry. As per the joint review, the Ayush sector will work together to attain price and quality competitiveness to amplify Ayush exports.

The review was conducted through a video conference on 4th December 2020. Nearly 50 industry and trade leaders from the Ayush Sector attended this video conference. More than 2000 stakeholders of the Ayush Sector also took part in the e-event through live streaming on virtual platforms.

The discussion was initiated by Secretary Ayush with a presentation on the action taken on the recommendations of the previous meeting by the Ministry of Ayush. He briefed about the different other initiatives taken by the Ministry of Ayush to alleviate the COVID19 situation and to promote the Ayush industry. He spoke about the emerging opportunities for promotion of the Ayush sector and listed a few barriers that deserved attention.

Shri Shripad Naik highlighted the emerging global interest in Ayush-based solutions for treatment and disease resistance during the difficult times of the Covid -19 pandemic. He stated that trade and commerce in the Ayush Sector are required to upscale faster to accomplish the growing demands from India as well as abroad. He cited it essential to serve the larger number of people who are now relying on these systems to maintain their health. 

 He also recollected different steps taken by the Ministry during the pandemic to add better protection to the people from the dreaded Coronavirus. He told the participants that the Ayush immunity protocols and the National Clinical Management Protocol for Covid 19 for Ayurveda and Yoga were timely interventions that offered relief to a large section of the population. The evidence of a correlation between the lower COVID-19 mortality rates and large-scale adoption of Ayush prophylactic solutions by the population is crucial for the public health practice in the country.

Shri Piyush Goyal appreciated the frontline role played by the Ayush Sector in the fight against COVID-19. The protection provided by the Ayush systems to the common people during the pandemic time removed the apprehensions that many people had about the efficacy of products and medicines provided by these systems. Considering its popularity in other countries, he urged the Ayush Ministry to work in coordination with the Commerce and Finance Ministries to attain this early. 

The Commerce Minister also directed the industry leaders to work persistently on the quality and pricing of their products, so that they become competitive in the global market. He supported the concept of an Ayush Export Promotion Council and added that it will be a pleasure for the Commerce Ministry to support the same. Going along with the appropriate standards which may win international recognition was another suggestion from the Commerce Minister. He also assured the role of Ayush will be appropriate in the “Brand India” activities that are being undertaken presently. He underlined the need for the Government and the industry to work together in different aspects of promotion and branding.

The following are the key highlights from the meeting:

  1. The Ministry of Ayush and Ministry of Commerce and Industry will work together to set up an Ayush Export Promotion Council (AEPC). The proposed AEPC can be housed at the Ministry of Ayush.
  2. Standardisation of HS code for Ayush would be expedited.
  3. The Ministry of Ayush will work in cooperation with the Bureau of Indian standards to build international standards for Ayush products and services.
  4. The Ministry of Ayush and Ayush industry will point to the best practices/ success stories and promote them among the public.
  5. The Ayush industry will work to ensure the quality and standards of Ayush products and to become price-competitive.
  6. Ayush would figure in the Brand India activities.
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