Matab (Clinic)

Unani By Dr. Shabistan Fatma Taiyabi

Matab (مطب) is an Urdu word that means clinic, but the term Matab is particularly used for a clinic of Unani physician (Hakim). It is a clinic set up with an OPD facility and daycare for the patient. The word matab is derived from the Arabic word tibb (طِبّ) meaning medicine. Tibb (Medicine) is defined as "the science that deals with the state of health and disease of the human body. When a body is in health then it should be preserved or if health is lost, then should be restored". A similar word tibbi means medical is also derived from the same word. A matab provides Indore patient ward then it is called Shifakhana - شفاخانہ (hospital). The word tabeeb is also used for a physician. Matab is a clinic set up by an Unani physician that has an outpatient department (OPD); drug store; specified unit for hijamah (cupping), fasad (venisection), dalak, (massage); laboratory unit for uroscopy and other excreta. It also provides a daycare facility for patients undergoing the procedure of regiminal therapy. Unani medicine is medical science or science of healing that is based on the humoral theory. The humoral theory was proposed by Hippocrates (460BC) of Cos. Later a large number of Greek, Arabic, Roman, European, and Indian physician contributed much more to this theory. In the present scenario, India is the leading country for the propagation of the Unani system of medicine. The Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India continuously works for the development of Unani medicine.

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