Care for your Heart; It will care for you too

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A powerhouse supplies power to different areas. Similarly, our heart works as the powerhouse to our whole body. Therefore, it is essential to offer it required attention and care. By taking care of your heart, you can avail of the benefits for your entire body. A healthy heart promises you to lead a quality life. 

It becomes more crucial to pamper your health when the whole world is at the risk of Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). It is the world’s most serious issue that becomes the reason for 1 out of 3 deaths. The cause of heart attack might be different such as unhealthy food, obesity, physical inactivity, hypertension, high level of cholesterol, and more. 

We all know that it is crucial to keep our heart healthy but we do not know how to do it. Keep reading the blog to explore. 

Eat right food 

Get an adequate amount of minerals and vitamins for your heart. Eat foods that maintain heart health by minimizing the risk of blood pressure, cholesterol, and inflammation. The list of heart-friendly foods includes Olive Oil, Legumes, Beets, Dark Leafy greens, Fatty fish, Nuts and Seeds, Oats, Barley, and low-fat dairy products. 

Keep track of your sodium intake as it may prove to be a silent killer by having its presence in 80% of processed foods. You can replace sodium by adding some flavor, you can try vinegar, varied herbs, and lemons. 

Lose weight, if you are obese/overweight

Obesity and overweight are known as the body mass index (BMI) that is measured 25 or above. If a female has a waist of more circumference than 80 cm and a male has more than 90 cm circumference, then they are called obese. If you fall in this range, you should start working to shed those extra calories. 

Take ample sleep

People who take less sleep may put themselves at the risk for coronary and cardiovascular diseases. Sleeping too little might impact your body functions and blood pressure. Make sure you always get seven to eight hours of sleep. This will keep your heart health on track and let you stay away from the risk of diseases. 

Stay away from the stress 

We all have busy lifestyles so it is inevitable to have stress. It is true that we cannot avoid it entirely but we can try to lessen stress gradually. Yoga can help you to ease stress. Try to give you 30 minutes every day that is dedicated to deep breathing, meditating, etc. These small steps can help you lead towards big change and it will also keep the health of your heart good. 

Cut down sugar intake 

You should not leave sugar completely but yes eating it too much can result in weight gain. And, being obese invites so many diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, and blood pressure. 


A happy and healthy heart means a happy and healthy you!

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