Āhāravidhi (Rules of eating)

Ayurveda By CCRAS Ministry of AYUSH

The quantity of food that a person should take depends on the strength of
Agni (process of digestion), so individual should always take proper amount
of food according to his digestive strength. The proper diet, definitely gives
strength, complexion, happiness and long life.
1. Eating at the appropriate time is good for maintaining health.
2..Food should not be eaten in excess/very less quantity and also before or after
appropriate time. Food should not be taken before digestion of previously
eaten food.
3. One should eat concentrating on the food and not very fast, very slowly,
while talking, watching television/mobile phone etc.
4. Always eat freshly prepared food.
5. Curd or Sattu should not be consumed at night.
6. Intake of Sāṭhī and Śālī varieties of rice, moong dal (green gram), rock salt,
barley flour, cow milk and ghee etc. are always beneficial. Sitting in
Vajrāsana for two minutes after food followed by walking for few steps is
helpful in proper digestion.
7. One should take light and easily digestible food in the evening 

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