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Dr. Harshvardhan Calls Yoga and Ayurveda India’s Gift to the Global Health

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Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare Harshvardhan, in a function organised by the Boston Centre of Excellence for Health and Human Development, addressed Yoga and Ayurveda India’s ‘gift’ to the world. 

Dr. Vardhan said that “for millennia, the ancient health-management systems and ancient knowledge have been using nature’s cure. It is the right time for India’s traditional system and modern medicine to go hand in hand with an integrative approach to impact our lives and offer much better disease outcomes.” 

Before this event, the government authorised post-graduate practitioners in specified Ayurveda’s streams to be trained to perform surgical procedures as well as integrate them into practice. The Ministry of Ayush underlined that surgery has been a part of the Ayurvedic curriculum for many years and the latest order by the government has clarified the specific surgical procedures to be performed by practitioners who are pursuing Ayurveda. 

The Union Health Minister compared the present pandemic to a ‘transitory state of our civilization’ and said, “We have not seen World War  

I, World War II, and the Spanish Flu”. But, we are fighting a silent war. Over 100 million people lost their lives and even they could not be visited by their family during the last moments of life.

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