Yoga: A Mantra to Stay Healthy for Today and Tomorrow

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In a fast-paced lifestyle, it is equally crucial to maintain mental well-being with physical fitness. Embracing Yoga in your daily routine will help you ensure mental, physical, and spiritual being. This is a medium to revitalize your body and mind by offering you the power to control them. 

The Ministry of Ayush defines Yoga as a discipline to develop and improve our inherent power proportionally. In Sanskrit, Yoga is ‘Yoke’ that helps unite an individual spirit with God’s spirit.  

Yoga postures followed in daily routine power you to attain harmony and equilibrium, self-healing, boost personal power, and remove all toxins and negativity. It activates a parasympathetic nervous system that results in a reduction of tension and stress. 

Things to remember for practicing Yoga

  • Keep bowels and bladder empty before you begin Yoga.
  • Start Asanas with an empty stomach and you can take some honey in lukewarm water if you are feeling weak.
  • Maintain cleanliness of mind, surroundings, and body for the right result of Asanas.
  • Beginning the session with an invocation or a prayer offers a good environment and lets your mind relax.
  • To avoid any injury, it is mandatory to perform stretches, loosening exercises, and a warm up before Asanas.
  • It is essential to stay hydrated before performing Asanas.
  • Wear comfortable and easy clothing to embrace easy movement of the body.
  • Use a mat having a good grip and keep a track on your breathing while practicing Yogasanas.
  • Always breathe through the nostrils and finish the session by using relaxation techniques that help you cool down.
  • Never hold your breath until you are instructed to do so.
  • Make sure you do not keep your body tight or give unnecessary jerks to your body.
  • Each body is different so perform Yoga according to your own capacity.
  • End the session with a deep silence/meditation/Shanti Path/Sankalpa, etc.

Things to avoid while performing Yoga

  • Stay away from Yoga immediately after meals. Wait for around 2 or 3 hours after having a heavy/large meal.
  • Do not practice Asanas when you are ill, exhausted, stressed or in a hurry.
  • Women should avoid Yoga during menses. They can opt for pranayama and relaxation practices.
  • For 30 minutes after doing Yoga, refrain yourself from taking shower, drinking water, or having a meal.
  • Do not practice Yoga in adverse weather conditions such as too cold or too hot.
  • Heavy exercises are to be avoided after Yoga.

People who are suffering from an acute illness or pregnant women should consult a health expert before starting Yoga practices. 

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