Muscular strain & Homoeopathy

WriteUps By Dr. Parthkumar Vinodray Dave

25 year old male patient came with the complaint of backache since last 2years. Pain at the lower back region since 2 years. There is drawing type of pain is there.

Patient feels as if the weight is put on the back. Patient had given history that he was working at industry and 2 years ago he had lifted heavy weight of approx 60-70 kgs, after that he has developed the pain in back.

Pain and stiffness in the back more at morning which is. < While sitting & at rest. Feels better typically while lying on hard surface. Sometimes he is having gaseous distension which is relieved by flatulence.

So, on the basis of ailments from of complaint I have prescribed RHUS TOXICODENDRONE - 200 SINGLE DOSE STAT ORALLY, along with SL 4×3×7 days.

Patient feels drastic relief in his pain in next follow up with the single dose of suitable Homoeopathic medicine.

Case presented by:- 

Dr. Parthkumar Vinodray Dave

PG scholar ( Department of case taking & Repertory)

Rajkot Homoeopathic Medical College

Parul University

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