Immediate relief with Homoeopathic medicine

WriteUps By Dr.Divyaben alabhai jalu

A female patient aged 38 year resident of rajkot came to for the complaints of heavy menses.

Chief complaints: 

HEAVY MENSES SINCE 2 MONTHS. But this months heavy menses last longer than usual that was 10 days. 

Blood was reddish to brownish colored and clotted.

Weakness and headache present.

So, this was an acute case of meno-metrorrhagia. I advised patient to do USG.
No any history of Gynaecological or obstetric surgery. For this complaints patient had taken conservative medicine but didn't give much relief to patient.

By considering an acute totality, I prescribed homeopathic medicine Nitricum acidum 200, 6 globules in water potency to be taken every 10 min. For 1 hour.

Nothing more to be taken that night.

The patient was told to visit me next day.

1st follow up : Complaints of menorahhgia relieved up to some extent. Not completely relieved. Weakness and headache was relieved.

Preion : SL, 6 globules in water potency to be taken every 10 min for 1 hour.

2nd follow up(after 4 days) : No complaints of menorahhgia present. No any other complaint.

I humbaly bow down to science of homeopathy, if choose right and wisely it can give relief in minutes, hours and days.

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