Homoeopathy in pediatrics

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         7 months old girl came with her mother for a complaint of  increased frequency of stool since 4 - 5 days.her mother is telling that she had having such type of complaint off n on since the dentition had started.

         She is having pain in abdomen  with  crying n irritability. Diarrhea is greenish watery in character. Child screams alot while passing the stool.

          Her mother is telling that she is so irritable, demands many things but refuses when offered. On observation I have seen that child is very restless, can't seats still. During case taking she had started crying due to some reason, she became quite only while her mother carried her. 

           According to her mother she always sleeps on abdomen. So on the basis of this symptoms I have prescribed CHAMOMILLA 200 4 x 3 x 7 days  orally. 

          After 1wk she had felt better in abdominal pain ,frequency of stool was decreased  n irritability was also reduced. 

Case presented  by :-

Dr Dhara  kothari 

PG Scholar (Department of case taking & Repertory)

Rajkot Homeopathic Medical College 

Parul  University. 

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