Homeopathy in hyperthyroidism

WriteUps By Dr Priyanka Nasit

Patient name: xyz
Age: 47 year
Gender: female
Occupation: government teacher
Date of consultation: 10/05/2022
Case summary: 
Patient is known case of hyperthyroidism and arterio septal defect fr which she operated in childhood.
Came with the complaints of hoarseness of voice since many years. Suffered from dryness of skin also with white scaling. 
Swelling over neck region on and off since 2-3 years.
Headache aggravated from noise and cold wind.
Dull pain in region of heart, on and off, on much exertion.
- Past history: dengue at 24 years.
- Physical general: 
Appetite: regular, no change
Thirst: scanty since 1 month
Sweat: profuse since 6-7 months 
Urine: frequent at night, 2-3 times 
Sleep: sound
Stool: satisfactory
Dreams: of her daughter's future as what will happen of her.
- Menstrual history: 
Menopause before 1 year, no any complaints during menopause.
- Mental general: 
Forgetfulness, recent and past events both+2
Anxiety about children
Anxiety about trifles
Does things opposed to her will
Desires support of family but gets no support from husband also.
- Preion: Sepia 1M one dose was given stat and sac lac for 15 days. 
-Follow up: after 1 month on 13/06/2022
frequency of urination decreased, 1-2 time at night.
Decreased pain in region of heart.
-Preion: sac lac bd for 1 month 
-2nd follow up: on 09/07/2022
Hoarseness of voice decreased by 30%
Dreams of her daughter also decreased.
Anxiety decreased. Feels much more energetic than before.
-Preion: sac lac bd for 15 days.
-Follow up on 26/07/22: no complain of hoarseness of voice
No complain of swelling around neck region.
Urination frequency decreased, passes only 1 time at night.
Complaint of dryness in skin also decreased by 40-50%.
-Preion: sac lac bd for 20 days
_ Medicine was selected on the basis of the symptoms that she has to do all the things opposed to her intention and will. Her whole life is like that since childhood but after marriage it increased. And also thermally she is chilly so sepia was prescribed.

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