Homeopathy brings speech in delayed talking child

WriteUps By Namera Bansari Dhanjibhai

Homeopathy brings speech to the delayed talking child

Mother comes with her 2.5 years old child having complaint of speech

Birth history
normal delivery with 3 kg weight 
dentition- at 9 month (delayed)
walking- at 1 year & 1 month

Past history
Cough cold agg change of weather and cold food

Physical generals
Thirst- half glass/ hour 
sleep- sound  9 hour 
Desire- jaggery+

fear of dark ++
timid +++

Pregnancy state 
mother having cough cold during pregnancy

Child was not ready to sit even beside her mother,he sit only in his mother's lap till the case ended. So I ask mother that  Is he doing like this all time or only at this moment ?so, mother replied that he want mother all time since birth
if he doesn't see me then started crying and searching me, even can't stay with his father or any other family members. he want mother and also whenever I am with me he prefers to sit in my lap only

Here, I found strong feature of this child & I made base of my preion

So this clinginess of child towards the mother with delayed talking in child, first remedy comes with high marks is NATRUM MURIATICUM which was prescribe in 200 potency every week for 1 month

After 1month,
Mother told that child utter full words & also small sentences
Sac lac was given

After another 1 month
Child got Normal speech

Homeopathy has scope, when no scope in diseases like this....

Case presented by
Dr. Bansari Namera
PG scholar
Department of case taking and repertory 
Rajkot homeopathic medical college
Parul university

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