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Female aged 22 yrs had complaint of pain in lower back since 1 year. Before one year she had history of weight lifting in farm since then she has developed backpain.
Pain gets more when she gets up from chair and moves later it subsides. It was better with pressure. She took various painkillers but it gave her temporary relief. All complaints were aggravated further during menses.

Diagnosis: Myalgia
Medicine selection: on basis of susceptibility Rhus Tox 200  3 doses every dose alternate day was given 
S.L 4×3×7 days.
On follow up there was no improvement so considering pressure amelioration Bryonia Alba 200 was given 3 doses each dose every alternate day and S.L 4×3×7 days.
After seven days there was 60% improvement so S.L was given for 15 days. After 15 days there was mild pain so Bryonia 200 single dose was repeated.

Case presented by
Name: Dr.Ravani Krutgna
Department: Organon of medicine (PG Part 1)
College: Rajkot Homoeopathic Medical College
University: Parul University

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