A Case Of Crohn's Disease treated with Homeopathy

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AGE: 46yrs/M

DOC: Dr Mohit Nanani

Date: 10th march,2022


Key Words: A Case of Crohn’s disease:


  • Perfection
  • Do things seriously
  • Anticipation
  • Control 
  • Rigidness 
  • Nervous




Complaint/sensationModalitiesConcomitant/Associated s/sLocation
Frequency of stool increased with tenesmus<night, cold drinks, sugar, eating after,Belching++


O: gradual

D: since 1 year  

P: moderate

Involuntary passage of stool with offensiveness, noisy flatus and green mucous like flakes of stool

>belching, warm drinks

<anticipatory anxiety

Colic severe as if tight bandage tied on abdomen   





  • Phx: Fracture of right lower leg 2 years ago


  • Fhx: Mother has hypertension since 20 years, Father died of cancer 25 years ago






#Craving:Sweet++, cheeseSweet+
#AversionCold drinks------
#</><sweet, >belching











#General Tolerance------Hot  
#Bath: Cold/Hot/Seasonal------Cold  
#Closed spaces/Open airOpen air++, closed spaces cannot bear Open air 
#Sun exposure------Don’t prefer 
#Covering need------+
#Perspiration: Character, LocationProfuse, night Low






I am very anxious about my health problem. I am tired. I fear while eating that I need to go for the painful stool. Do I have any fatal disease? I have started doing yoga, exercise and walking regularly.  I want everything in perfection. I am the manager of the alloy company in Rajkot. I am mostly serious in doing my work. I have a responsibility and there are 50 persons working under me. So I seek perfection from my employees

  • So I always have anxiety about my delegation, my communication, my work. I have to “pull” myself i.e. I have to focus my whole energy into my work. My body gets tight. I put my 100% energy in that work. I feel my body tight because internally I am stress, anxious+++. I do have a short tempered nature. 
  • Life incidence: I am living in boarding since 8th std, and not lived with my family much. My father died of cancer. I got less marks in 12th std, after which all these feelings aroused. I get myself isolated, tried to constraint myself. Because I could not reach my expectations, family expectations. I had hurted myself and my family. So I should not repeat it again at any circumstances of my life. So iam alwaus anxious about my work.  I do fear about my exams and my marks. Also, heights are unbearable for me. I lose my balance and feel something terrible on my stomach. in childhood, I fear in going to the lift of my apartment. Once there was sudden power cut when I was inside the lift and I have seen the hell of my lie at that moment.
  • Work: I need perfection in my work. If I am not good at it then I will feel inferior. I take things too seriously so no body can put fingers towards me. So I become nervous before presenting or conquering any of my work.



Disposition : MILD, QUIET, RESERVED.





  • A/F- anticipation, anxiety 
  • Physical generals: thirsty, sweet desire++, cold drinks aversion, hot patient
  • Mental generals: anticipatory anxiety, perfectionist, nervousness work about, fear of heights, dark, failure.
  • Physical particular: diarrhea and dysentery with greenish mucous flakes of tool with tenesmus. Involuntary passage of stool with colic as if tight bandage around the abdomen. < eating after, sugar, night. >warm water, belching.














  • Hunger increased, sweet desire++, sweet<, belching>, thirst increased, open air desire, perspiration profuse.
  • Anxiety+++, Anticipation++, perfection, nervousness work about, fear failure, heights, closed room++


PAST HISTORYFracture of right lower leg 2 years ago.
FAMILY HISTORYMother has hypertension since 20 years, Father died of cancer 25 years ago
DISPOSITIONAL FEATURESSweet desire+, thirsty, hot patient, perspiration low.


SELECTION OF REMEDY: Argentum Nitricum 200 SD + sac lac 4 pills TDS for 7 days 




  • After 7 days following treatment: Anticipation decreased, nervousness decreased.

Involuntary stools still passing. Frequency decreased

Rx: argentum nitricum 200 SD repeated with sac lac 4 pills for 15 days 


  • After 15 days of the previous follow up: involuntary stool passes with tenesmus< eating after, night, early morning.

Anticipation about work persist but much lower.

Rx: Sulphur 200 SD stat with Argentum nitricum 200 SD after one day + sac lac 4 pills TDS for 7 days. 

  • After 7 days of the previous follow up : Voluntary control over stool. Frequency of stool decreased. Anticipatory anxiety reduced++ 


Dr. Mohit Nanani

PG Scholar in Department of Practice of Medicine 

Rajkot Homeopathic Medical College

Parul University

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