Siddha Medicinal Plants Garden

WriteUps By Prof. Dr. K. Kanakavalli

Siddha Medicinal Plants Garden (SMPG) at Mettur Dam, Salem dt. Tamilnadu is one among the wings of Central Council for Research in Siddha (CCRS), Chennai SMPG is an area of 18.14 acres and consists of Model garden I, Model garden II, Poly green house, Arboretum, Cultivation field of Medicinal plants etc.

SMPG aims to promote, propagate, conserve and cultivate medicinal plants along with Medico Ethno Botanical study on medicinal plants of Tamilnadu besides creating awareness among the visitors the importance of medicinal plants and its conservation.
SMPG has undertook Medico Ethno Botanical survey in different parts of Tamilnadu and recorded 10054 field collections. The unit has documented 7700 Herbarium specimens covering 1836 species of Medicinal plants with special reference to Siddha in Tamil Nadu.

Around 400 Medico-ethno botanical studies were conducted by Siddha Medicinal Plants Garden, Mettur Dam, Tamil Nadu since 1971 to till date and have recorded and documented around 827 ethno medical claims from different tribal communities/vaidyas of Tamil Nadu.

Steps being taken to promote and protect medicinal plants by Siddha Medicinal Plants Garden, Mettur Dam

  • Establishment and development of  Model Herbal Garden – I & II, Arboretum
  • Establishment and development of Polygreen house towards the Conservation of the Medicinal Plants.
  • Establishment and development of Nursery for the SMP Garden besides providing Medicinal Plants saplings for the stake holders.
  • Documentation of Medicinal Plants in the form of Photographs.
  • Providing authentic raw drugs for Siddha Pharmacopeial related works and for Research scholars.
  • Training on Survey, Collection, processing and Herbarium making of medicinal plants and Horticultural/ agricultural practices especially for the propagation and harvesting of medicinal plants to the farmers.
  • Various awareness programs on the importance of cultivation and conservation of medicinal plants and other relevant social issues to farmers.
  • Creating awareness among the public and  students about the importance of medicinal plants garden and its conservation by distributing pamplets, conducting awareness camps


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