Role of homeopathy in chronic allergies with behavioral problems in pediatrics

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Role of homeopathy in chronic allergies with behavioral problems in pediatrics 

A 12 years old child, vegetarian,hindu coming with the c/o running nose with sneezing especially on waking and ear itching since 4 months
His mother complained also about his behavior like extreme irritability and mischievousness

Past History:-
Skin dryness at the age of 7

Family History:-
Father- H/o Allergic Rhinitis
Mother- Migraine
Elder sister- H/o boil

Physical generals:-

Appetite- 1-1.5 chapaties/meal
Thirst- 1 glass/ 2-3 hr
Sleep- 8 hr, talking in sleep
-He becomes a king and defeated by another king
Desire- sweets++
Aversion - vegetables
Bowel- 1/0-D/N
Urine- 5-6/0 -D/N
Sweat- present , more on scalp without any smell or stain


Irritable, when someone deny him especially irritate with family members and always dictatoriate them..

Throw out the things whenever get angry and beat his elder sister also

Make good relation with friends who are more powerful than him, & he gives reason for it that if someone who are stronger than him, if they attacks, his friends will save him..

Intellectually very keen, answers with its logics & in studies , getting good marks with less efforts

He questioned a lot to me 

Appearance-short , lean, wheatish
Ht- 4'1"
Wt- 30 kg
Pulse- 70/min
Respiratory Rate-12/min



Allergic Rhinitis


Here, Rubrics taken are
Mind - curious
Mind- Intellectual
Mind- Somnambulism
Mind- Talking,sleep in
Head - Perspiration of scalp
Ear- itching
Nose - sneezing- morning-waking on
Generalities- food and drinks- sweets - desire

LYCOPODIUM came first in repertorisation & I confirm it with its theme according to rajan sankaran's soul of remedy that person want to grow more for power and they do it by dictating the people surrounding him

Remedy given:

LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM 200 - twice in a week
with sac lac BD for 15 days

Follow up

Mother given a follow up with big smile that his behavior changes drastically 
He becomes much less irritable and also follows the instruction of family members
In allergy he get relived upto 30-40%

Same preion repeated for 1 month

No any complain remaining after 1 month with good mental state of patient

So , homeopathy can not only permanent recover  the complaints like allergies but also give good mental health also, which is prime for becoming healthy

Case presented by-

Dr Bansari Dhanjibhai Namera
PG scholar, Department of Case taking and Repertory, Rajkot Homeopathic medical college, Parul University


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