Moral crisis


            By means of sharing my experience of in my close quarters, I want to create some aware  about this, how to handle it, if you or your closed ones have it. 
It was a great miserable day, my born day when I heard the news that your grandpa ‘s test results turned to positive.He is 70 years old man he has 6 daughters, I admire him more because he is a very hard worker and it is inspired me when he works all the time.
         The day before he turned positive he was facing breathing difficulty. But he ignored it  because he has COPD and it is common issue when he did anything in hasty manner. We all didn’t know that time his lungs was attacked by the virus. My family was called to take care of him because my mother is his first daughter, it’s our duty also. My brothers immediately rushed him to the hospital. On the way to hospital his O2 level dropped to 55%.He redirected from three private hospitals due to the lack of oxygen bed in that night. Finally he got a one last oxygen bed in the Government Hospital and admitted, he became collapsed and fell down in bathroom. My brothers grabbed his arm and dragged him to the bed for 
oxygen,Cruelty of Covid. With the oxygen supply, saturation elevated from 55 to 74%. When they took CT scan, they found his lungs affected 90% and RT-PCR positive. All were frightened but we didn’t lose our hopes. The treatment was started along with the O2 therapy in ICU. He was put on CPAP machine. 
He was so terrified because the Covid engulfed so much of people’s life in ICU moreover he didn’t aware of his Covid. He got his negative report after 7 days of his treatment. But dyspnea persists. Meanwhile my dad who had been in primary contact has slight fever, he has uncontrolled DM, isolated himself and took some Siddha medicines, vitamin tablets and proper diet and recovered within a week.After got a negative swab, we decided to shift my grandfather to the private hospital for higher treatment. Again private hospitals denied treating my grandfather as his stage was so critical. 
           One day,he stopped eating, shouted at the attenders and pulled off the masks etc. Later on we came to know that he was affected Psychologically. I realized that it was a chance to standby near him and brought him back mentally .We motivated him over the phone and video calls.We remind him that we loved him and have faith, breath deep and keep patience. We offered him a mental and emotional support as much as we can. Gradually his saturation level elevated upto 93% with mask. Doctor examined his condition and gave us a new hope and he was changed to moderate level O2 supply. Got our hopes back .Still he is fighting to defeat the virus in hospital. 
          Overall pathetic situation is he raised his six daughters as a single man .He saved every penny little by little without doing any unwanted expenses to do their six daughter’s marriage. Now, only two daughters, his grandsons and granddaughters look after him as a child in ICU. Remaining four daughters refused to see his father and denied to take care of him. Humanity is dying.

           Do you believe human life is valuable? Being working in covid care centres and ICU, I want to say no one deserve death by Covid .Getting tested earlier and have the strong willpower to defeat the virus. 
                                                     “Humanity matters”

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