Ministry of Ayush and AIIMS are to Work together to Set up a Department of Integrative Medicine

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The Ministry of AYUSH and AIIMS have initiated to work together on setting up a Department of Integrative Medicine at AIIMS. This decision was taken in a joint visit and review by Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary, AYUSH and Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director, AIIMS of the Centre for Integrative Medicine and Research (CIMR) at AIIMS, New Delhi. The CIMR receives good support with the help of the Centre of Excellence Scheme of the Ministry of AYUSH.

Dr. Gautam Sharma, Head, CIMR as well as senior officers of AYUSH Ministry were present during the visit. The avant-garde research activities being held by CIMR in the Ayurveda and Yoga disciplines were reviewed and the research outcomes seemed to be impressive. The Ministry of AYUSH and AIIMS have taken a decision to increase the duration of the research collaboration at CIMR and to extend the collaborative activities scope.

Considering the research work, accomplishments and other activities of CIMR, it was noticed that setting up dedicated OPD and IPD beds for CIMR can be the next steps in the development and growth of CIMR. Both Director AIIMS and Secretary AYUSH agreed that considering the growing interest of patients at AIIMS in the CIMR and the increasing research work of the Centre, this could be viable to further build it into a standalone Department for Integrative Medicine at AIIMS in the short-term future. This might be developed with dedicated staff and faculty to make it into a permanent Department at AIIMS.

Secretary AYUSH assured that the Ministry of AYUSH will endeavor to continue its support to CIMR by the time a dedicated Department is developed. The remarkable research outcomes of CIMR and good results of the new initiatives in COVID-19 research through integrative research point towards an integrative approach are the need of the hour. This will also lead to the notable public health benefits.CIMR, AIIMS might build an integrated protocol with Yoga and Ayurveda for study on Post COVID treatment. The Ministry of AYUSH  may collaborate in the same via the Extra Mural Research Scheme.

The progress in setting up the Integrated AYUSH cancer care facilities at the National Cancer Institute at Jhajjar, Haryana was reviewed. A decision was taken to follow it up and speed up the process for early establishment as well as functioning of the center.

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