Herpetic keratitis and Homoeopathy

WriteUps By Dr. Purvi

A 52 years aged female pt came with the complaint of Itching+++, Redness+++, pain++ Agg by looking upward, continuous Lachrymation+++(hot) and difficult vision in the right eye with sensation as if eye will come out when she looks downward. She was also unable to open an eye.


The complaint started as pain and itching in the inner canthi of right eye before 10 days. She was advised to take eye drops by an ophthalmologist. Though she was getting episodes of severe pain. 

She had been diagnosed with a case of Herpetic stromal keratitis and glaucoma.

Physical generals:-

Lack of appetite.

Decreased thirst.

Hard stool with much straining.

Sleep disturbed or was unable to sleep due continuous pain.


She had been prescribed Euphrasia 30 for 7 days followed by SL for 7 days..

Follow up:-

After 15 days on 1st follow up,

She had no pain, no Lachrymation, no itching.

Her appetite and sleep were improved. Thirst was improved.


Case Presented by:-

Dr. Purvi Andani

PG scholar RHMC, Department of Organon of Medicine

Parul University.

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