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Siddha medicines are categorized into two classes named as agamarunthuvam (Internal medicine ) and Pura maruthuvam ( external medicine)  on the basis of  root of administration of the drugs. Fumigation ( Pugai )  is one of the treatment given under the external medicine .  it acts as sterilizing agent and used for the management of physical and mental diseases. In ancient times, People used fumigation for prevent themselves from epidemic diseases. Fumigation can be effective in inactivating microbes on environmental surfaces. Fumes are prepared from herbs, minerals and animal byproducts. Herbs like  Milagu ( Piper nigrum ) , Oomatthai poo ( Flowers of Datura metal ) Manjal ( Curcuma longa ), Puliyam pattai ( Bark of Tamarindus indica ) Kandakkatthari pazham and vithai (  fruits and seeds of solanum surrattense ) Maa poo ( Flowers of Mangifera indica ) etc., Minerals like Rasam (mercury) Lingam ( Mercuric sulphide), Gandhagam ( sulphur ), Arithaaram ( Yellow orpiment ), vellai padanam (white arsenic) etc.,  Animal byproducts like Conch shell , Snake slough, Dung,Horns,Nails ,Feathers etc., Herbo mineral preparations like Agasthiyar kuzhambu , Vida kuzhambu , Kousigar kuzhambu etc., used for this therapy. Fumes of the above mentioned drugs exhibits pharmacological activities like anti- microbial , anti – bacterial , anti – inflammatory, anti – oxidant , analgesic etc., In ancient times, People have been used (Chungan)  apparatus and also Bamboo stick, Naanal  (Saccharum spontaneum)for fumes inhalation. As per the Siddha literature, fumigation therapy used for the treatment of  diseases like ,  Chukku thiri pugai -Neerpeenisam (sinusitis) , Agasthiyar kuzhambu pugai - Moorchai (syncope) , Adathodai ilai churuttu pugai – puppusa noigal (Lung diseases ) , Oomatthai poo pugai - Swasa noi (respiratory diseases), Kuthirai kulambu pugaiIsivu ( epilepsy)  , Kandankatthari vithai pugai Pal noigal Dental diseases ,  Thutthi vithai pudai – Puzhukkal Worm infestation ) , Fumes contain  moolam (piles)  , pagantharam ( Fistula) , Yoni putru ( Cancer in vagina ) . Domestic cock and hen  excrement –  scorpion bite, vathiraanjana pugai for naakku noigal  ( Tongue diseases )In Siddha text Agasthiyar maanidakirukkugal explains many more drugs for fumigation therapy  to cure Physiatric problems ( Kirigai in siddha ) , Kapham related diseases are easily cured by this treatment . Fumes are inhaled by nose and exhaled by mouth respectively. Fumigation therapy is moreover prophylactic in nature and it has advantage that it has less side effects and it is highly effective for the management of different kind of ailments.  

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