Effectiveness of Homoeopathic Medicine in perimenopausal syndrome

WriteUps By Dr Priyanka Nasit

A female patient of age 42 years, dietician by profile, came with the complain of mood swings one week before menses since 8-9 months. In Mood swings, she experiences anger over very little affairs. The reaction is sudden outburst of anger on anybody. But she quickly realises her mistake and feels sorry for that. On further enquiry, she told that she doesn't want to hurt anyone, as she herself knows the pain of being hurt. There are some issues in her married life and so her husband is not staying with her anymore. So she feels lonely and patient said that “I feel the lack of love and care my husband should give me”. Further she said that I am planning to take divorce but I am not much sure about this decision.

On further asking, she told that she is still in a hope that her husband will understand her and will come to her.

Physical generals

  Thirst: profuse

  Sweat: scanty

  Appetite: reduced

  Sleep: disturbed due to thoughts 

  Thermals: chilly

Family history:

   Father: vitiligo

Menstrual history: menses irregular since 7-8 months, comes at every 20 days or sometimes at one and half month to two months. Flow lasts for about 3-4 days. 

The medicine prescribed was Ignatia Amara 1M 1 dose.

The medicine was prescribed on the basis of action, that is, her emotionality was over powering her intellectual capacity, as she was suffering so much but still she is in a hope of her husband coming back to her. There was no hatred feeling so natrum mur was ruled out.

On follow up after 1 week, the patient was much better mentally and physically. Her sleep got sound and more refreshing. The appetite got better. She felt more satisfied with herself and happy than before.  

Case presentation by

Dr Priyanka Nasit, PG scholar, department of Materia Medica, Rajkot Homeopathic Medical College, Parul University Baroda

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