Effect of Siddha herbal Poultice Mochai patru (Dolichos lablab Linn.) for the management of Maru (Warts); a case Report.

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Warts are the benign bump on the skin (or) mucous membrane (or) epithelial proliferative lesions caused by Human papilloma virus (HPV) infection. In Siddha system Warts is referred by the term Maru. It can be easily and successfully treated with Siddha drug Motchai patru (Dolichos lablab Linn). Motchai is a species of bean in the family Fabaceae. The phytochemical analysis of Dolichos lablab Linn already showed that it has phytochemicals such as sugar, alcohols, phenols, steroids, essential oils, alkaloids, tannins, flavonoids, saponins, coumarins, terpenoids, pigments, glycosides, and etc. Its posses anti -diabetic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant, cytotoxic, hypolipidemic, antimicrobial, hepatoprotective, anti-cancer, central nervous system, CVS, immunological, anti lithiatic and anti spasmodic activities. Case summary: A 30 years old Male patient from Kanchipuram working in a private company, since last 4 years he has suffered with warts on hands, elbow and forearm. He undergone various treatment but there is no remarkable changes. So, he was very depressed. Lastly, he came for Siddha treatment at National institute of Siddha (NIS) OPD with a lot of confident, on examination; presence of warts was observed on hands, elbow and forearm with projections.  Resembling like honey – bee comb appearance and it was diagnosed as common warts (Maru). The Motchai patru was applied over the warts for 30 days. The warts are gradually reduced in size and completely cured. Conclusion: The present single case study report concluded that the Siddha drug Motchai patru was efficacious for the removal of warts without development of any scars; it can be used for the management of Maru after conducting further controlled clinical studies with large number of patients.

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