Case of allergic rhinitis cured with sweet pills

WriteUps By Dr Priyanka Nasit

A male child of age 6 years came with the complain of recurrent cold and coryza since 2-3 years. Complain of runny nose since 9-10 times per day. Nose block which is aggravated at night, during sleep. Complaints from change of weather, eating, and drinking cold foods, draft of air.

Past history: physiological jaundice.

Family history: Father: tuberculosis in childhood

Mother's history during pregnancy: same complain of cold and coryza during whole pregnancy period.

Physical general: 

Thirst: profuse, drink water at short intervals.

Sweat: scanty.

Thermals: chilly.

Desires: cold drinks, sweets.

Sleep: sound, restless during sleep.

Mental general: 

Restless, can not sit at one place.




On examination: nose- no extragrowth or polyp seen.

Chest- clear.

Diagnosis: allergic rhinitis

Preion: Tuberculinum 1M 1 dose stat was given.

Basis of preion: according to Allen's keynote, when the family history of tubercular affections the best selected remedy fails to relieve or permanently improve, without reference to name of disease.

Follow up: after 15 days, better in complaints, the frequency of runny nose and sneezing reduced. 

No episode of cold and coryza even after drinking cold drinks.

Sac lac bd prescribed for 15 days.




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