A case of ringworm successfully treated with homoeopathy

WriteUps By Hasti Dekivadiya

Chief complaint-

 a 20 year old female came with a circular discoid patch on left leg. Red clear margins with dry skin.She had this for the last 2 months. There was severe itching which aggravated at night, from cold and touch.

Physical Generals-

Appetite-3 times/day; adequate 

Thirst- 3-4 glasses/day; thirstless

Urine- 3-4 times/day;normal

Stool- Once a day; satisfactory

Desire- Sour(+2)

Aversion- milk(+1)

Perspiration- Scanty,foul smelling

Sleep-7-8 hours; sound sleep

Dreams- Not specific


Considering physical general and particular symptoms,

TELLURIUM 200 single dose given along with sac lac for 15 days. After 15 days,the severity of itching decreased and dry skin became normal but the patch was as it is. So I repeated the Tellurium 200 single dose with sac lac for the next 15 days. But the patient came after 20-22 days. Patch was completely cleared and there was no itching at all.

Case presented by:

Hasti Bharatbhai Dekivadiya 

PG scholar(Department of practice of medicine)

Rajkot Homoeopathic Medical College, 

Parul University.

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