A case of dry coughing associated with VSD successfully treated with single dose of antimiasmatic remedy

WriteUps By Dr. Parthkumar Vinodray Dave

A 2 year old male child, came with his mother with the complaint of coughing and oppression of chest since birth. His mother is complaining that he is having dry, continuous cough with heaviness of chest which < - at change of weather, & while sleeping. Feeling as if chest is full with mucous. Sometimes the coughing will result into vomiting. Patient is also having the complaint of recurrent cold & coryza with blockage of nose especially at night.

On interrogation, I came to know that patient is having complaint of ventricular septal defect (VSD). So that it is common that patient will suffer from coughing until VSD is healed properly. Parents of the patient came with the hope that by our harmless system we will give little relief to patient in coughing so that use of antibiotics at this early age can be cut short.

Child is extremely restless and aggressive in behaviour. Child is also having brittle nails when pressed or stroked to some hard surface.

So, with this history, it is absolutely clear that patient is having syphilitic trait running in his each & every complaint. Be it brittle nails or aggression or congenital heart defects i.e. VSD.

So that I have prescribed SYPHILLINUM - 1M SINGLE DOSE STAT ORALLY with SL for 15 days.

Due to some reason, instead of 15 days patient came for follow up after 1 month. Mother of the patient told me that we didn't find a need to give any antibiotic and child is having no single paroxysm of cough in this whole month.

So that this case is a strong answer to the myth that “Homoeopathic medicine are the slow acting medicine”. According to aphorism no. 2 our medicine is very much capable of giving rapid, gentle & permanent cure.



Dr. Parthkumar Vinodray Dave

PG scholar (Department of case taking & Repertory)

Rajkot Homoeopathic Medical College

Parul University.

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