A case of Difficulty in deglutition

WriteUps By Dr.Divyaben alabhai jalu

Here i like to describe a case of difficult deglutition.  A female aged 45 years complain of difficulty in deglutition since 3 days. Characteristics symptoms being difficulty in deglutition for solid and liquid both. As such she didn't complained for a single time in that 3 days, but her daughter has seen her crying while having lunch, She is sensitive to other's comments. While asking for mental symptoms she told that she has mood swings and frequent crying spells, taciturn, continuos thoughts of past disagreeable events; here precipitating factor being disturb environment of home. No other complaint at time except difficulty in deglutition.

   This patient given a HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINE IGNATIA AMARA 200 chosen upon non-repertorial approach which relieved this condition in matter of hours. Patient is very happy to have pain free dinner that night. It was an acute preion later constitutional Homoeopathic remedy administered. 


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