A case of BPH successfully treated with homeopathic medicine

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      A 65yrs old male patient married, retired teacher, purely vegetarian came in our hospital for complaint of dribbling of urination since 1 month. He tells that he only can pass urine while he strains for stool.< from exposure to drought of air ,also nightly emission of semen. He gets easily  exhausted by Slight mental  n physical exertion. 
     By inquiring physical general  patient  has dreams  of the things which he had forgotten  during day. Hot patient. 
      Mental symptoms of the patient are lascivious thoughts  are always running in mind. He is always dwelling in sexual thoughts of the sexual fancies.  Slightest mental exertion causes extreme prostration. USG finding suggests mild enlargement of prostate  gland. 
      So I have diagnosed this case as a case of BPH - Benign prostatic hypertrophy. 
       I have repertorised this case from  Kent repertory  and came to conclusion that the similimum  for this case was SELENIUM  - 30 single dose.
     In the next follow up  after one month dribbling reduced with nightly seminal emission.


Dr Dhara Bharabhai Kothari

PG scholar  (Department of case taking  &  Repertory)

Rajkot homeopathic medical college.

Parul University.

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