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Ayurvedic products helped to Improve the Immunity of People during the Corona Pandemic

Covid-19 By Ayush


The Ministry of Ayush has developed and launched the Ayush Sanjivani mobile application to generate data on the acceptance and usage of Ayush advocacies and measures among the population as well as its impact in the prevention of Covid 19. Through this app, a cross-sectional analysis of the responses received from approximately 1.47 crore respondents. It highlighted that 85.1% of the respondents reported use of Ayush measures for prevention of Covid 19, among which 89.8% respondents agreed to have benefited from the practice of Ayush advisory.  79.1% of the users responded that the Ayush measures provided an overall feeling of good health. 63.4% reported improvement in parameters of well-being like appetite, stamina, sleep, bowel habits and mental well-being.

The Ministry of Ayush has prepared a draft scheme namely “Pradhan Mantri Vriksha Ayush Yojna” for promotion of Herbal Cultivation to boost the production of medicinal herbs used in Ayurvedic drugs in near future. 

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