This is case of paroxysmal cough cured with sweet little pills.

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 A 29years old pregnant lady come at clinic with following complains. I said to patient Tell everything about your suffering. Patient says ,How to say ? I have very embarrassing problem since last one and half month . Before one and half month I have flue and then it turn out as cough . I had taken all short of medicine , but cough is not cured anyhow . Actually problem is I passed out urine when I have cough . It's kind of involuntary urination . I have pregnancy of 4 months and I know cough is not good for pregnancy . There might be change of termination of pregnancy and hence I'm worried a lot for cough . I had taken herbal as well as traditional medicines but nothing works on my cough . It comes in attack and whenever I have attack of cough it didn't passed for several minutes . I mean I cough constantly for 10 to 15 minutes non - stop . I have cough instincts from deep within from my abdomen . It's not superficial cough but its deep cough . I feel something try to come out from very deep from my abdomen . That kind of cough I have . It's really very - very severe and I use to cry out after the attack . And also ,Whenever I am coughing I have back pain here ( Lumber region ) . Just I cough and I have pain here . I mean during every action of my coughing I feel little pain in my back.Since I have cough I have tension that this cough might terminate my pregnancy . This is my second pregnancy . I have one daughter , 3 years old . I do not have this kind of any problem when I had first pregnancy . Doctor , is it possible to cure my problem with homeopathy ? I said Yes , off course we will resolve your problem . Why not ? Even we can resolve your problem comparatively faster than other mode of medicines . So , don't worry you will be all right within one or two weeks . Patient says thank you doctor!I hope I recover soon! Physical general:- Appetite:-normal Thirst:- normal 2-2.5 lit/day Sleep:-good sometimes disturb due to cough. Perspiration:-whole body Desire:-spicy things Aversion:-not specific don’t like sweet more. About her:- I’m happy whatever I have.i have no any tension,my both families are very supportive.no worries.only cough is bothering me, because since last 1and half months I suffering from cough. After analysis of the case following rubrics are selected. 1.Bladder-urination involuntary cough during 2.Cough abdomen seems to come from 3.Back pain lumber region lumbago coughing when 4.Mind weeping tearful mood, general cough during 5.Cough constant 6.Cough violent 7.Cough-peroxysmal 8.Cough deep On the basis of repertorisation rx sepia selected. Rx:- sepia 30 bd 4pills BD and sac lac 30 bd for 15days given. Follow up after 15days:-  Patient feel better,then sepia 30 single dose given every 15days for 2month Follow up after 2month:- Patient says much better now,there is occasionally cough and not deep.i am relaxed now. Rx sepia 200 single dose given. Ater this she don’t need medicine.she is absolutely good.   

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