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Dr komal Dilipsinh Vansadiya

MD scholar, Department of practice of medicine

Rajkot Homoeopathic medical College.

Parul University

Case study: 

A 25 yrs old female having complaint of severe pain and swelling at right side of hip since 7 to 10 days. Initially there is severe pulsating type of pain in sitting, lying down position, by pressure.

It leads to difficulty in sitting position. On further case taking I found that before 10 day she was falling down from the stairs (upto 10- 12 stairs) during that time she not use any medication. She apply to ice bag and volini gel for external application. After 5 - 7 day she feels swelling exact slight left side to the affected site and painful initially and gradually pain reduces and swelling increases so she consultant me for further rx.

Past history: chiken pox  (21 yrs of age)

Taking cold easily

Physical General:

Appetite: Good 

Thirst: Thirsty 

Desire: sweet, salt 

Aversion: nothing specific 

Urine : regular

Stool: regular

Sleep: disturb due to pain 

Thermal: chilly 

Ailments from : injury 

On physical examination:

Inspection: redness and swelling at affected site 

Bruish appearance

Palpation: hard lump present with swelling



1st Day). Calc carb 30 4th hrly with advice to warm application at affected site 

2nd Day) calc carb 30 QDS 

On examination hardness reduces. pain and swelling also reduces.

3rd Day) calc carb 30 BD 

Hardness totally absent with swelling reduces no pain . Patient feels better.

4th Day) calc carb 30 OD 

After that patient feels better swelling almost 70 to 80 percentage reduces and no any other fresh complaint.

Homeopathy not take too much time to heal any complaint but we have to give exact similimum for curing the condition.

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Dr komal Dilipsinh Vansadiya

Rajkot Homoeopathic medical College

Parul University

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