Homoeopathy and allergic Rhinitis

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A Case of Allergic Rhinitis:-
A 31yrs old female patient come with complain of Rhinorrhea and cough with white transparent expectoration.
Cough on and off since last 2month.
Soreness, uneasiness and suffocative cough.Runny nose in morning
Sneezing day time
Ailments from:- renovation work at since 2month ,dust particles agg. Daytime more cough ,cold air , talking amelioration:- rest and night.
Past history:- 
Typhoid:- 10 yrs ago
Family history:-
Father:- myocardial infraction
Mother:-Type -II DM
Physical general:-
Appetite:- normal
Bowel:- constipation, unsatisfactory
Thrist:- decreased 2glass/day
Thermal:- chilly
Sleep:- sound
Tongue:- clean
Physical examination:-
Temprature:- 97.8 f
Respi. Rate:- 18/min
Systemic examination:-
CNS:- conscious
CVS:- S1 S2 present
Respiratory:- BLAE present 
Provisional diagnosis:-
Allergic Rhinitis
Repertorial totality:-
Cough -day time
Cough – Breathing deficient being
Cough – cold air aggravation
Cough – suffocative 
Cough – talking aggravation
Remedy preion:-
Nux vomica 1m stat dose 
Sac lac BD for 15 days
First follow up:-
Better 50% , sometimes runny nose occurred
Nux vom 1m stat dose 
Sac lac BD for 15days.

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