Efficacy of Homoeopathy in Ophthalmic Diesases

WriteUps By Dr. Purvi


35 years aged female, housewife, residing at Rajkot came with the complain of stye at lower eye lid of rt eye..

Presenting Complain:-
#Pain+++ while closing eye

#Burning in affected eye

#Swelling/puffiness under lower eyelid

#Lachrymation, hot watery discharge during day and in morning when she woke up, had white sticky thick discharge from eye and eye had been sticked..

Since previous day evening, she had pain in the eye..and the small sized eruption found in lower eye lid of right eye..

Then from morning till evening, pain was increasing along with increase in the size of stye along with puffiness under lower eyelid..

On examination,
Redness+++ of conjuctiva

Physical Generals:-
Appetite :- Adequate
Thirst :- Decreased since 2 days
Urine :- NAD
Stool :- NAD
Thermal :- Hot

Apis Mel 200 single dose
SL 4 pills TDS for 3 days

Next day, Follow up-1
#No pain
#No Burning
#Redness of conjuctiva+
#Puffiness decreased
#Stye size had decreased upto 30%

So, she was advised to continue SL pills..

Follow Up 2(After 3 days)
Pt was completely relieved form the complain of stye..


Case Presented by,

Dr. Purvi Andani,

PG Scholar, RHMC, Department of Organon of Medicine, Parul University.

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