Case of Alopecia treated with homoeopathic medicine

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Case presentation by:-

Dr. Vishakha Barad

PG scholar , Department of Case taking and Repertory

Rajkot Homoeopathic Medical College

Parul University

Case study:-  50 years old male presented with complaint of particular circular loss of hair in right side of occipito-temporal region since 2 months. Itching ++. Burning in head.

Physical generals:-

Appetite:- good

Thirst:- thirsty 4-5 lit/day

Desire:- non veg food

Sleep:- sound

Urine:- 6-7/0 D/N

Stool:-1/0 D/N

Thermal state:- Hot

Mental state:-
Easily angered personality.Self boosting in his way of taking and sitting also. Loud talker. Feeling shameful  because of his alopecia. Always cover head with cap so people didn't know about his disease. Obstinate. 

Preion:- Considering physical particulars, physical generals and mental generals he was prescribed SULPHUR 1M stat dose orally. 


Follow up:-
Hair growth started in peripheral to central region after 15 days. Follow up with Sac Lac only. 
Total cure take place in 3 months.

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