A case of Acne simplex treated with Homoeopathic medicine

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Case presentation by:-

Dr. Jhanvi Padariya

PG scholar ,Department of Organon of Medicine

Rajkot Homoeopathic Medical College

Parul University


Case study:-

A 20 years old female, unmarried came with the complaint of acne on forehead which are very small and shiny since last 6 months which are aggravated after oily and spicy food. She also had complaint of irregular menses since 1 year.

Physical generals:-

Appetite:- 4 chapatis/meal

Thirst:- Thirsty ( Thirst for small quantity of water at short interval)

Desire:- Sour(+++), spicy food, cheese, buttermilk

Sleep:- Before sleep, persistent thoughts in mind

Urine:- 6-7/0 D/N

Stool:-1/0 D/N

Thermal state:- Ambithermal

Skin:- oily

Mental state:-

When alone, continuous thoughts in mind.

Desire company, especially of family.

Fear of animals, ghosts, death.


Angry on small matters.


Considering physical particulars, physical generals and mental generals she was prescribed ARSENIC ALB 200 1 dose one a week followed by SAC LAC thrice a day for next 15 days.

Follow up:-

Acne were reduced, thoughts reduced and sleep became sound .






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