Siddha management for Alcohol withdrawal syndrome

Research By Dr. E. Selvasankari

Alcohol abuse not only having impact on individual and families, but creats a lasting social burden on the community.     Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome (AWS) is a set of symptoms that can occur when a heavy drinker suddenly stops or significantly reduces their alcohol intake.The presentation varies from mild sleep loss or anxiety to the life threatening situation like delirium. There are 60 different types of diseases where alcohol has a significant causal role. So, There is need of researches to enhance the available Siddha management, to minimize the withdrawal symptoms, prevents complications and reduces the intense for alcohol.  the effect of Siddha Medicines Inji Rasayanam, Brahmi Nei, Tablet Amukkara Chooranam in the management of AWS will be observed for 48 days in 5 patients with alcohol withdrawal criteria.Assesement was done using CIWA ALCOHOL SCALE             before and after treatment,showed significant effect.
          Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi) is known for its Neurocognitive effect, act as a brain tonic to enhance learning and memory, to provide relief in anxiety or epileptic disorders. Zingiber officinalis (Inji) known for its CNS depressant, anti-emetic, anti-hyperlipidemic, stomachic actions. Withania Somnifera (Amukkara) known for its anti-depressant, anti-anxiety effect, to reduce both alcohol dependence and withdrawal thus showing anti-addictive potential.

 CIWA-Ar score Before treatment and CIWA-Ar score After treatment
Pt 1         12        0
Pt 2         12        1
Pt 3         14        1
Pt 4         18        2
Pt 5         12         1


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